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A few months ago my friend Dan made this comment about me. Sometimes I realize how very true it is...

Today, I hurt myself bad. And one would think that, being a human physiologist, I would know better. I have this grand plan to combo train at least 2 days a week. This means I will run, bike, and swim all in serial in one workout. Because it is currently 20 degrees outside, the best place to do this is the natatorium on campus which also has some treadmills and bikes in a side room...

So, I get one the treadmill and run 2 miles (there is a 20 min limit on the equipment) and then I get on the bike and ride 4 miles. By this point I have my heart rate up nice and high - 165ish on the monitor. I run down the stairs, shedding clothing as I go, dive into the pool and start my 1/4 mile swim. However, it doesn't occur to me as I'm diving that my high heart rate, high oxygen and metabolic demand, and sudden decrease in breathing rate might not mesh well together. Part way into my second lap my body goes completely and totally anaerobic and I cramped in places I didn't think I could cramp...go ahead, use your imagination...but I finished my 1/4 mile like a champ.

I have got to find a better way to do this, but I'm not sure what options I have while it is so cold outside and I don't want to cool down too much...

Tonight's dinner is spinach, scallops, and broccoli - can one make more hemoglobin after just one high iron meal? He he he...
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I am a part of a triathlon training course right now where we have a coach who gives us work out schedules each month. He rarely, if ever schedules me to do more than two workouts in a day. He also tells us to usually train in our Zone 2 heart rates, which for me is no higher than 150. For the days when we do train at a higher rate for one of the sessions, we definitely don't continue that intensity into the next session. Also, at the end of the month, we always lower the intensity so that we have a bit of time to recoup.

I'm not trying to knock your routine, but it sounds a little intense. Do you do this consistently? Isn't your body about to shut down on you?