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My M,W,F Dilemma

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday for 3 week chunks at a time, I have a class from 5:45-7:15. 7:ish, I should say. Very rarely does it end at 7:15...more typically we get done around 8. If we're lucky. So, here's the dilemma...

By 8pm, after getting here by 8 in the morning, I have no desire to run. I simply want to go home, crawl into my bed, and turn off the world. And each time the instructor asks if we mind staying later, I obviously roll my eyes. And he sees it because he always answers, "I know Melissa, but just a little longer."

Today, however, I have packed my gym clothes and I am determined to run tonight before I go home. I will do it...oh yes, I will run tonight....
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